Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powders
Wear Resistant Crushed Carbide


Thermal Spray and Fuse • Laser Cladding • Hard Banding

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Budget Conscious Wear Resistance

Made in the USA

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, JAS Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Powders gives you the wear resistance you need, without breaking the bank. That’s because we source our carbides through a National reclamation program. We buy scrap carbides from thousands of sources around the country, classify and refine them through a proprietary process.

Creating better performing parts and tools is what we do. JAS relentlessly seeks out materials and applications that can efficiently and economically extend the life of parts and tools by addressing various wear modes, abrasion, fatigue and erosion.

Whether you’re shredding, crushing, cutting, grinding, gripping, hammering or mixing, JAS Carbides provide a level of performance that’s unmatched.

  • Fully reacted phase between the Co and Wc particles, a phase that’s often overlooked but adds significant abrasion and impact resistance
  • Higher density and better wear resistant properties than other carbides because we only use the highest quality raw materials

JAS Tungsten Carbides

JAS 7406

94% Tungsten Carbide + 6% Cobalt

JAS 7410

91% Tungsten Carbide + 9% Cobalt

Order Your Carbide Now: (866) 235-7415 | info@jasalloy.com