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With an acute focus on quality and consistency, we help clients improve the performance of their products, parts and tools through custom alloy engineering.

Our alloys are designed to strike a balance between:

Economics • Performance • Application • Environmental & Safety Impact

Engineering the optimal alloy to coat your parts can be challenging. Coating techniques used to prevent wear vary significantly based on many factors including, substrate material, type of wear reduction, hardness, environmental conditions, and application, just to name a few.

We engineer alloys that address factors impeding performance while avoiding complications in the coating process. They’re being used to coat critical parts in the aerospace, mining, energy, power generation and agriculture industries.

We maintain alloy quality through a rigorous framework of quality control procedures. Our in-house QC lab allows us to test for performance factors such as, chemistry, sizing, flow, density and morphology. We carefully certify each lot before shipment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design an alloy for your needs.

JAS Hardfacing Alloys

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