Custom Alloys
When One Solution Doesn’t Fit All

The right alloy can quite literally make or break your performance, as well as your bottom line. So, if there’s not already an alloy that’ll meet your specific needs, our team of top researchers and engineers will create one.


Design Criteria:
Economics • Performance • Application • Environmental/Safety

Case Study: Custom Powdered Alloy

A leading thermal spray company came to JAS to manufacture an inert customized alloy that their previous vendor had stopped manufacturing. Within weeks, we duplicated the powder. Within a year, we had worked with the client to further dial in the chemistry to the extent that our new powder was outperforming the original alloy in both spray deposit efficiency and corrosion resistance.

Case Study: Spherical Carbide

A world-class carbide manufacturer and coating facility was having porosity issues when cladding with spherical carbide. The JAS team pinpointed the problem within days. A few weeks later, we delivered a new spherical carbide that completely eliminated the problem.

Case Study: Military-Specified Alloy

A tier-one military contractor came to JAS in need of a military-specified alloy that was no longer being manufactured. Not only was our team able to quickly determine the manufacturing specs but were able to design, test and apply the alloy to ensure it met all required parameters before beginning full-scale production and delivery.