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Better Performance Begins Here

We help customers select, source and store materials that best suit their needs.

Materials selection strikes a balance between:

Economics • Timing • Performance • Application • Environmental Impact

With decades of experience, JAS has helped thousands of customers around the world with their materials needs.

Materials Supply

Efficient Sourcing and Ready-to-Deliver Stock

At JAS, we know that time is of the essence. That’s why we have perfected our sourcing process to effectively acquire materials from trusted suppliers, both locally and internationally.  By leveraging our extensive network, we secure premium-grade alloyed materials in bar, tube, powder, wire or plate form as well as epoxies and ceramics

Our strategically designed storage facilities and dedicated materials team ensures proper handling, organization, and preservation, so your materials are ready for quick dispatch.  You can rely on our on-time deliveries to keep your projects on track.

At JAS, we are dedicated to providing high quality materials for a wide range of industries. With our roots based in materials science, JAS excels at helping our customers select, source and store materials from all over the world, delivering materials when and where they need it. 

Our extensive expertise in metals, epoxies, and ceramics allows us to cater to the specific needs of businesses in Thermal Spray, Marine Coating, Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Construction, and Power Generation industries. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been the go-to source for reliable and superior materials.

JAS Materials Usage:

  • Welding
  • Thermal Spray
  • Hardfacing
  • Epoxy & Ceramic Coatings
  • Powder Injection Molding
  • 3D Printing
  • Building & Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessels

By belonging to a large network of materials manufacturers, JAS offers customers access to a wide array of quality materials at competitive rates.

Alloys are supplied in the form of powders, wires and welding rods, depending on the application.

At its St. Petersburg facility, JAS manufactures, blends and coats well over 40 tons of Tungsten, Nickel, Iron, Aluminum and Titanium based alloys each month.  We also produce several types of ceramics such as Yttria Stabilized Zirconia and Ti Aluminide


Quality Control

We understand the critical role that materials play in your processes and projects, which is why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the highest quality standards.  JAS maintains an extensive framework of quality control procedures ensuring  our customers receive materials that meet their exacting specifications.  Our in-house QC lab allows us to characterize and test materials for composition, sizing, flow, density, morphology, hardness, and yield strength.  Our team of engineers and material scientists carefully certify each lot prior to shipment. 

Resource Conservation

JAS is committed to conserving our natural resources and continuously seeks methods of minimizing industrialized environmental impact.  As part of that commitment, JAS has created several processing techniques to remanufacture expended materials.  We study the metallography and chemical composition then design countermeasures to bring expended materials back to their original specification ranges.  We also support manufacturing methods that utilized powder metallurgy which is considered a green technology because of net shape forming, light weight and low scrap rate.

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