Organic Solvents
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Why Organic Solvents?

Surface prep is the most critical part of any coating application process.  Despite our best efforts however, we were unable to find eco-friendly chemical options strong enough for our industrial use.  Leveraging our extensive experience, we developed SWAB Organics, a suite of eco-friendly solvents that are now available to the public via our online store:

Concrete Remover

Crafted from all natural, plant based ingredients, this concrete remover effortlessly dissolves concrete deposits, leaving surfaces clean and concrete-free without damaging the surface or harming the user.
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Multi Surface Cleaner

Most cleaners leave behind oil residues from soaps and detergents. Over time, these accumulate, creating a haze that attracts more dirt. Our organic surface cleaner is designed to break down and eliminate oils, ensuring your surfaces stay cleaner for longer.
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Barnacle Remover

Made from eco-friendly, organic plant-based components, this powerful formula effectively dissolves and removes barnacles, biofouling, and marine growth from a variety of surfaces.
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100% plant based, our scale remover effectively eliminates scale deposits caused by hard water, ensuring your equipment and surfaces stay scale-free.
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Industrial Degreaser

Our cutting-edge formula, crafted from 100% organic plant based ingredients, effortlessly cuts through stubborn grease, oil, and other industrial residues. Whether it's heavy machinery, or just your driveway, no grease is safe from this degreaser
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Drain Cleaner

Crafted from 100% plant based ingredients, this drain cleaner effectively clears clogs and obstructions, ensuring your drainage systems flow freely. Unlike harsh chemical alternatives, it poses no harm to the environment, your plumbing, or the user.
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Barnacle Remover

An organic marine growth remover designed to specifically target and remove:

Sea Shells, Barnacles, Mussels


• Engine Heat Exchangers
• A/C Systems
• Sea Strainers
• Boat Hulls
• Raw Water Pumps & Pipes

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