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Although JAS is an industrial manufacturer, we are first and foremost conservationists.  We believe we can make things and protect the environment at the same time.

As a materials science company, chemicals are a big part of our operations.  Our vision is to introduce organic solutions that are as effective as legacy chemicals that are environmentally harmful. Solutions  manufactured and distributed by JAS are Organic and Biodegradable and retain Industrial Strengths.

Strong • Clean • Safe

Beyond Barnacles®

An organic marine growth remover designed to specifically target and remove:

Sea Shells, Barnacles, Mussels


• Engine Heat Exchangers
• A/C Systems
• Sea Strainers
• Boat Hulls
• Raw Water Pumps & Pipes

Designed for the harsh marine environment, Beyond Barnacles® is a powerful organic solution that breaks down the bonds of various types of marine growth such as mussels and barnacles.

Flush out engine heat exchangers with ease or clean the hull spotless without harming the marine life around you.

Beyond Barnacles® is an organic biodegradable solution and does not contain Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, Muriatic, or Citric acids which means its safe for both the user and our delicate marine environment.


An organic DeCalcifier designed to specifically target and remove:

Hard Water, Lime, and Scale (HLS). 


• Dishwashers
• Greasy Floors
• Showers & Tubs
• Pools
• Water Spots

How it Works

Water contains various levels minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are deposited as limescale (scale) onto surfaces.  Scale builds over time wreaking havoc on equipment such as heat exchangers.

DownScale® dissolves the chemical bonds in Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), which is the major component of scale.

Safe for the User, Equipment and Environment

Other scale removers not only attack scale deposits they also chemically attack the surface that the scale was deposited on which, over time, erodes the surface leading to equipment failure.  By targeting specific minerals, DownScale® keeps surfaces such as paint, metal, ceramic, and glass free from scale while eliminating chemical attack on the surface.  DownScale® is both highly effective and safe to use on critical equipment components. 

Many commercially available scale removers can also harm the user and the environment which increase both management and disposal costs.  DownScale® is biodegradable which makes it safe for the environment and its users.


An organic concrete remover designed to remove concrete without harming:

Users, Equipment or Environment


• Masonry Equipment
• Concrete Delivery Trucks
• Chutes
• Concrete Forms
• Concrete Mixers

Decrete® is an organic compound that targets calcium carbonate within the aggregate, dissolving molecular bonds.  Decrete® does not contain Hydrochloric, Phosphoric, Muriatic, or Citric acids which means its safe for both the user and our delicate marine environment.

Safe and effective for cleaning concrete carrying trucks and equipment.  Also used for etching concrete surfaces to prevent slip and falls.

JAS Solutions are available in the following quantities:

• 1 gallon
• 5 gallon
• 55 gallon
• 275 gallon

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